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A blog about the new HQ building, by the new HQ building.
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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in About the Building (Me!) | 4 comments

In the News

In the News

Hey there!

HQ again with a quick update.

As you know, I recently went public. And ever since the news dropped, word’s been spreading like wildfire. Publications from around the country have been running out of ink while writing about me.

Below is a list of places I’ve appeared, along with direct links to the content. Feel free to check back often. Because like me, this list is just gonna keep on growin’.

Even Branches Can Be Bloggers

CEO Brandon Michaels talks with Krista Klaus from Power Lunch on the KMBZ Business Channel

Listen to the full interview here!

The Kansas City Star

Mazuma Credit Union Relocating Headquarters from Kansas City to Overland Park

Fox 4 News (

Credit union to build new headquarters

Kansas City Business Journal

Mazuma isn’t leaving Missouri behind, CEO says (Missouri Credit Union Association)

Mazuma Unveils Plans for New Headquarters (Callahan & Associates)

Mazuma CU Announces Innovative Overland Park, Kan., Headquarters via

The Kansas City Star

Mazuma CU Announces Innovative Overland Park, Kan., Headquarters via (CU Times Daily News Alert)

New HQ for Mazuma CU (Video) (CU Journal Daily Brief – Front Page)

Mazuma Plans New HQ with Unique Features

Mazuma CU Announces Innovative Overland Park, Kan., Headquarters via

CUES FYI (Scroll to bottom of page)

New Headquarters: Mazuma Credit Union


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  1. I’ve been a member since 1964and was shocked to hear on the news the headquarters is moving to Johnson County. WHY?If we have enough money to build there, perhaps the dividends paid to members should be higher.

    • Hi Shirley!
      Understandable question. Because the financing of the new headquarters is spread out over a number of years, it works a bit differently than paying out dividends. So we separately consider each one. It’s always our hope to pay above-market dividends which we have for a number of years. We will continue this effort no matter where our headquarters is located!

  2. I’m disappointed to see Mazuma relocating headquarters operations to southern Johnson County. There are other areas of greater Kansas City much more in need of the economic boost we could provide by relocating in their neighborhood. There are undoubtedly current employees who rely on or prefer public transportation to get to work for economic and sustainability reasons. We’d be supporting both our internal and general communities much better by finding a different site which addresses these factors as well. Please show the true depth of our community support by choosing a better site for the new headquarters operation.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you for your feedback. Your concerns are understood and certainly appreciated.

      After an extensive analysis of all the factors you mentioned, Johnson County was ultimately chosen to continue our commitment to growth and serving our Members metropolitan-wide on both sides of the state line. In addition, the new headquarters will allow us the infrastructure needed to provide the best Member service as well as a comprehensive training facility to better equip Mazuma employees.

      While the location is new, our mission is still the personal financial growth of all of our Members.

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