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A blog about the new HQ building, by the new HQ building.
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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in About the Building (Me!) | 1 comment

Wearing a Sweater in July

Wearing a Sweater in July

Happiest of happy Fridays to you, fine reader! Is your day wonderful? Fantastic?

Really, really hot?

It’s July after all, and 100 degrees outside, so we can expect to sweat. Me especially, because I’m now wearing a super fuzzy sweater.

See? Here’s a closeup:


Okay, maybe it’s not really a sweater – it’s actually a close up of some of my insulation. Isn’t that exciting – I have insulation now!

I’m also starting to get my very first interior walls, right around my elevator pit (with even more insulation in the top of that picture on the right):

 wallsseriously walls

They won’t be that color by the time you get to see them in person, but that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? All the tiny little sneak peak details you can’t get anywhere else!

Here’s another cool thing. See those tubes way up high and the way they all curve down together?

drive thru tubes

Those are my drive thru tubes – they’re getting installed now. They’re not done yet, because at that height, the tubes would fall out and land on the heads of my future Mazuman occupants. But the installation has started, meaning we’re that much closer to having Mazumans and Members running around inside me!

The most exciting stuff, however, is that a lot of my exterior brick and stone is in place, and they’ve started putting in windows! I’m starting to look like me, really ME, the way I’ll look for always and forever. And I gotta tell you, I’m starting to look GOOD. Just look at me now:

looking like a building back windows

Check out these lines:

nice lines baby

That’s my favorite view right now, with all the pretty swoops up front reflecting the afternoon sunlight. This is right outside the branch on the bottom floor, where everyone is welcome to come in and bank with us. The floor above that houses some offices, and above that are more offices and the board room.

Things around here are really heating up (especially as I get more insulation put in). I’ll be back soon with more updates – I can’t wait to show you what my atrium looks like from the top of the grand stairway they’re putting in!

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1 Comment

  1. I am eager to see the finished building and go inside. A very impressive and attractive building.

    Bob Coacher

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