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A blog about the new HQ building, by the new HQ building.
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Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in About the Building (Me!) | 0 comments

HQ Goes to School

HQ Goes to School

Hi there! How’s it hanging? How’s your family and your dog and your weird-but-nice Uncle Fred? Have you gotten all settled into your fall routine now? Happy to be back to cooler weather, back to football (GO CHIEFS!) and of course, back to school?

I get to go back to school too! Or at least it feels like it around here. The training room may be my only official classroom, but there’s evidence of learning going on everywhere right now – math and science and art, even recess (because obviously recess is the best part of school).



Check it out: I have WALLS now! Real, actual walls! Some of them are pretty boring because they don’t get beautified with paint for another few weeks. But some of them are split in the middle, which is completely cool even before the color gets added. And by split in the middle, I don’t mean vertically – that’s called a doorway, and people have been doing those forever. I’m talking totally neat, wide open, gravity-defying HORIZONTAL WALL SPLITS. Check this out:

photo 7

photo 8


Seriously, who needs to pay attention to gravity when there are ways to get around it? That right there is physics, maybe even AP-level physics.



There are multiple levels of math going on ’round these parts.

See, in their pre-paint state, some of my walls are being used like scratch paper. My builders work out all kinds of problems, just like they did when they were in math class. Check out a few of the things they’re working on. Basic numbers here:

photo 4

And then we get a little more advanced, with charting and graphing here:

photo 1

And all the way on up to geometry here. I mean, all those angles and curves in the ceiling in my branch lobby? Just BEGGING you to bust out a ruler and protractor.

photo 11



I could never skip recess! Having fun is a really important part of Mazuma culture. When I’m finished, I’ll have all sorts of theme rooms to play in – a Beach Room, a Steampunk Room, a Mountain Top Room – but until then, I’ve got some construction tools in here that I know would be a blast to play with. For instance, this thing would great fun, even if I have no idea what it does:

photo 10

And then there’s this giant piece of machinery that wouldn’t be out of place next to a Tonka truck in a pile of classroom toys (or wouldn’t be out of place if it were much, much smaller, anyway). How much fun would this thing be to drive around?

photo 12



After recess, what could be better than playing with bugs in a science class? On a recent hot afternoon, this little dude – I think he’s a praying mantis – was spotted hanging out in an office. Or maybe not that little – he was about 2.5″ long. I’d be freaked out, but he was kinda cute!

photo 2


See – it really is like a school around here! I’m getting all properly edumacated so that I’ll be as smart as my Mazumans when they move in a few months from now. Gotta make sure I keep up with them so that when they call me a smart building, it won’t just be because I’ve got wireless access and cool digital screens.


Construction’s going so fast around here as I get more of my drywall put in, my elevator, and all kinds of wiring and paint installed soon. My permanent power source just got turned on yesterday, so you know that  means great things are in the works. I’ll have another update for you soon, so that you can see how great my progress is going!

As a final freebie, here’s the view from the uppermost floor of our three-story atrium. It’s the view from the top, folks!

photo 9

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