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A blog about the new HQ building, by the new HQ building.
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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in About the Building (Me!) | 2 comments

A Few of my Favorite Ceilings

A Few of my Favorite Ceilings

Hi there! Happy Holidays to all you friends and families in Kansas City, and my soon-to-be neighbors in Overland Park! I hope your holidays are going wonderfully so far and that you find yourself surrounded by at least as much greenery as I am – I have some landscaping now!

landscaping 2




















But more important than landscaping? Ceilings. So we’re going to talk about ceilings.

Why ceilings, you ask? Aren’t ceilings really boring?

Mine aren’t! They’re beginning to look all merry and bright! Like in my branch:

branch ceiling










Or the swoopy area of my wave room:

swoopy wall 2








swoopy wall








Here’s the awesome ceiling in my Board Room:

board room








And the ceiling in my Game Room that suddenly resembles a baseball – the lights are the stitch marks:

baseball ceiling










But ceilings aren’t the only cool thing around here. Changes are happening lightning fast around here. In one week, my atrium went from this:











To this:

atrium railing










And something similar happened in my Tree House. You won’t need me to tell you which pic is more recent!

tree house








tree house carpet








The pods in my branch went from incoherent piles of furniture pieces into these sweet desk areas:

branch pods










HQ pods








And finally, at long last, my drive thru tubes are being connected so that they’ll wing their way from your car to a waiting Mazuman’s hand (instead of getting stuck in a pile in my ceiling):

drive thru tubes










I’m getting SOOOO CLOSE to opening that I can feel it – it’ll be here before any of us know it! Until then, enjoy your holidays and I’ll keep you informed of everything I’m doing to get ready for my public debut!



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  1. How and where do you apply for job openings at this new branch?…

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