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A blog about the new HQ building, by the new HQ building.
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Where will the new headquarters be located?

The new headquarters will be located in Overland Park, Kansas. Just Northwest of the intersection of 135th St. and Metcalf Ave. It’s a major thoroughfare, and is easily accessed from most areas of Kansas City.


Why is Mazuma placing its headquarters to Overland Park?

We’re building a new headquarters because we’re growing and our current headquarters no longer offers the space and infrastructure we need to expand. The location in Overland Park was based on an extensive, year-long analysis of the greater Kansas City marketplace. In that analysis, a variety of factors were considered, including: near-term and long-term Member needs, existing branches, new markets, annual growth rates, population density, competition, real estate costs, etc., and what infrastructure is needed to support the credit union’s growth. After reviewing the analysis and recommendations, the Mazuma Board of Directors and executive team agreed that this new location was the best overall fit.


Are you moving because of Kansas’ tax policy or incentives?

No. Because Credit Unions are not-for-Profit financial Cooperatives, owned by our Members and not shareholders, Mazuma does not pay corporate income tax. The largest drivers of tax incentives are corporate income tax credits, which do not apply to Mazuma or any other cooperative.


Is the branch at 9300 Troost Avenue to remain open?  

Yes, the 9300 Troost branch will remain open to serve our Members in South Kansas City. We are not closing any branches. We are only adding a new branch and headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.


Mazuma is staying in Missouri, right? Do you plan add other locations soon?

Yes! Mazuma is absolutely committed to serving our Members who live and work in Missouri. We’ve also grown our membership to become a truly metropolitan-wide organization. Today, we have more than 56,000 members and nine branches throughout the Kansas City metro, and as our membership continues to grow, we fully expect to expand further in both Missouri and Kansas.


How many people will be relocating to the new headquarters?

Approximately 100 Team Members will be moving from the 9300 Troost location to the new Overland Park headquarters with the majority being management and back office support. The branch office at 9300 will remain open. No Mazuma branches will be closing.


I heard there will be a community room. Why?

That’s correct. The new headquarters will have a 1,700 square foot community room with capacity for 200 people. It will be available for public use for various events. It was designed with the community in mind. We want to help provide amenities to help our community succeed! We will also have a comprehensive training facility so that we can put the best trained Team Members in front our Members. We are an innovative bunch and truly believe that if we invest in our Team Members, our Members and communities will benefit as it ultimately leads to better service.


What departments will be located here?

The new headquarters will be the home to most of the Mazuma management staff, our Member call center, e-services and our training and development areas. It will also serve as our information technology and systems hub.


What will the new branch office in Overland Park be like?

The new headquarters building will also contain an innovative branch office with drive-up service and what we call “dialogue towers.” They remove the traditional teller window set up. It knocks down the barriers to our Members so we can provide more personalized service.


Who are the business partners for this project?

We’ve partnered with a great group of partners to bring what we feel is a very creative and interesting building to the area. Level 5 is our general contractor and Praxis 3 is the architect on the project.


When will the building be open?

The new building is scheduled to open on February 2nd, 2015.


Will there be any ongoing activities on this site before the building opens?

We plan on holding several events on the site over the next year. So stay tuned.


How do we check on the progress of the building?

Right here on this site you’ll find regular updates and everything you need to stay informed!

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